Add Doc to Classroom


Add Doc to Classroom

A simple button to share the Doc to Google Classroom

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How much time do you spend sharing a Doc to your class? You have to open Google Classroom, find the class, add a new post, look through Drive…

But as a teacher you don’t have time for that right?

With Add Doc to Classroom you can share the Doc or Slides presentation by clicking a button right from the Doc, no need for opening a new tab.

Google Classroom will open in a popup with the Doc/Slides pre-filled in the post, all you do is choose the class and click Post.

Google Classroom is opened with the Doc URL pre-filled

Screenshot of the Google Docs share screen with the Add Doc to Classroom button inside it, and a popup window opening Google Classroom
Do you see my files?

No. It works just like the Classroom Share Button that websites can add to their page, only it gets the Doc/Slides URL. All processing happens on your computer.

Is this only for Google Docs?

The button will show up for Docs and for Slides Presentations. You can also click the extension icon in the toolbar to add a normal webpage to Google Docs too.

Use your time to teach

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